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Myths Women Must Know About Working Out And Bodybuilding

Though many women are beginning to get involved in different workout exercises, particularly, weight lifting, we often nurture the fear of getting bulky. Most of us simply shy away from any activity perceived to be women’s bodybuilding as it is not the look we are trying to create. But surprisingly, this is far from the actual truth.

This fear of getting bulky will end up decreasing the results you get from working out as it will make you slow down on your routine or use small weights.

It’s time we clear up some of these myths surrounding women’s bodybuilding and get our mind straight to what working out will offer us and why we should put more effort into achieving our goals.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top women’s bodybuilding myths.

Women will easily Build Bulky Muscles

There is the common belief that as soon as a lady kicks off on the routine workouts, such as weight lifting activities, they will start to develop large bulky muscles.

There is one thing we should get clear; females naturally lack significant testosterone levels (primary muscle-building hormone prominent in males) in their body to develop such large degree of muscles as seen in men. Before any woman develops larger muscles, she must have spent a long time, running in years, working incredibly hard to build them up. Moreover, very high-calorie diets must have been utilized to achieve that. Women who you see with abnormally large and bulky muscles could be supplementing with testosterone. This is something you don’t dream of and don't like to do.

Face Shape May Change

There is also another myth that working out real hard could change the structure of our face, making us wear a bodybuilder look. Probably, you have noticed that the faces of women in bodybuilding do look quite different and you’ve decided to avoid such look. But you should note that the moment you begin to lose lots of body fat, your face appearance does change but not so significantly. For the very lean individuals, the fatty tissue stored in the face will make them look more gaunt-like. However, there are no extra muscles added except for those who would go for extra testosterone to their body which makes them take up male trait. This is not something you should worry about!

Women Will Lose Breast Tissue

One unique identity of the females is the breast. There is this myth about bodybuilding women lose their breast tissue making them appear more muscular and masculine. This myth needs to be cleared up. It is important to note that the breast tissue is largely composed of fat. The decrease in fat is responsible for the loss of breast tissue. So, working on the muscles underneath the fat has no effect on the large breast tissue (fat) deposit. It may even surprise you to know that regular chest exercises would help to boost your cleavage and make you look better. Your breast shape and fullness begins to change only when you are on an intense diet with the aim to get down body fat levels to the minimum.

At this point, you should not be derailed anymore by the hovering myths about engaging in an active work out to achieve your exercise goals. Women have a muscular physiology slightly different from men. The testosterone level in women is quite reduced compared to men, hence, will take a prolonged period of intense work out to even develop muscles as seen in bodybuilding women. Change your ideas and get back to work!

Your HealthyHER Team

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