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HealthyHER FACE Workout with Maison Ito (24.01.19)

Why not do something different this time - we thought! So we invited Maison Ito to show us a unique face workout and teach us the details, so that everyone would be able to do it at home, whenever needed.

So we set up a date and met with nine ladies and Emilie Celine from Maison Ito at the Birdhaus. Everything was nicely set up and prepared for the workshop, and all the products needed available too.

During an one hour workshop, Emilie showed us massage techniques to smooth our fine lines, rejuvenate and improve the look of our skin - all asian inspired! Every step was repeated until everyone was feeling comfortable with it.

After the workshop, we were presented by a delicious and beautiful vegan buffet and nice colourful lattes by Melanie Watkins. Basically, the perfect way to end a Thursday evening - getting a nice face massage, eating great food and talking to interesting people from around the world!

Here some impressions of this evening:

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