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Functional Workout @ Play Gym Warehouse (02.02.19)

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Ok, one thing definitely needs to be said: Our HealthyHER ladies are just sooo strong and we couldn't be any prouder of the bunch who joined the Functional workout yesterday at Play Warehouse Gym (! Everyone did such a great job!

Bernhard the owner of Play Warehouse Gym welcomed us and our twelve HealthyHER Ladies yesterday 10am for a private workout. The entire location was reserved for us and he designed a specific workout just for us :)

Warm up, strong women workout part 1, strong women workout part 2 and streching. That all in all took 1 hour and 15 minutes. The ladies were working in pairs of two and went through a parcours that definitely made them sweat, but we could also see that all of them were really having fun.

After the workout, food by James & Jar Co. ( was ready at the bar, with a starter of one of the best hummus ever, followed by two versions of salad topped with quinoa or lentils. And to round it up, dessert came in a small glas too and contained a yummie chia-pudding.

We've had such a gread Saturday and loved the entire event, that's why you should check out your agenda and register for another Functional Workout Session at Play Warehouse Gym on the 30.03.2019 (Spots are as again limited to 12 ladies :).

Your HealthyHER Family

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