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About HealthyHER

We know how important it is to feel connected and supported by the people in the environment we live in.
Founded by two women in their 30s, HealthyHER’s ultimate goal and mission consist of connecting like-minded women from around the world who share the same passion and interest for an active and healthy lifestyle.

In our view, being healthy does not only relate to physical health and the absence of diseases, but also to complete mental and social well-being. It refers to a state in which one is living a full life in a good environment, having good relationships and much more.

As an organization dedicated to improving the quality of women's lives, HealthyHER's mission is to offer a platform to women to learn about their body through health workshops and nutrition seminars, and add to their health by providing a wide range of physical activities. However, more importantly HealthyHER's goal is to connect women in Zurich and foster friendships, because we strongly believe that the environment we live in matters and has a major impact on our overall health.

We regularly organize events to build a ground for quality relationships based on common interests. Our professional, exclusive, and unique variety of events combine the important elements of physical exercise, nutritional education, and social community growing. 

We are convinced that our HealthyHER platform and events are the perfect way for YOU to meet new people and make new friends. Come join our family today!

HealthyHER – Dedicated to Your Health and Happiness

The Founders

Contributing To
Women's Happiness

Being half Swiss, half African, and born in Switzerland, has contributed to my deep interest in different cultures. While working in an international environment for over eight years and having lived in Mainland China and Hong Kong for a while, I have found my passion in meeting and connecting with people from around the world. My desire to help others that face difficulties in making friends in Switzerland and my love for an active and healthy lifestyle have contributed to my personal wish and dedication to grow a HealthyHER Community.

Founder Vanessa Seidmann 1_edited.jpg
Vanessa Seidmann (31)
Helping People

I was born in Brazil and raised in Switzerland, and believe to have unique skills and expertise in bringing people who share the same interest together. Having previously had a long and successful career in banking stretching over 10 years of hard work, I took a year off to travel and focus on my health and well-being. I then realized the importance of a balanced lifestyle. My passion and discipline inspired my path to HealthyHER having realized that taking care of one‘s life and body is the key to happiness.

Daniela De Lima (34)

Our Vision

HealthyHER's vision is to be known as the main female community and event organizer in Switzerland when it comes to connecting like-minded women that are passionate about an active and healthy lifestyle. We want to grow a community of strong women and create a better everyday life for our female community members by helping them feel more confident, happy, and healthy by being part of our family.



We share a deeply rooted sense of mission to make a positive impact on the lives of our female community members. We are committed to connecting women and contributing to their well-being by providing a platform for new encounters and organizing health enhancing events .



When organizing events, we focus on offering outstanding products and preeminent services, and always aim at delivering premium value to our community members and customers.

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We strive for convenience and simplicity and are continuously working to improve our products and services to elevate the consumer experience of our community members.

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We are passionate about our mission. We want to serve our clients with high-quality products and services and promote a positive and familiar environment. What we do is not a job, it's our passion.



We appreciate being part of a team that is making a difference and enjoy working in a familiar environment. We will celebrate our successes and create fun events for our community members.

Our Values

Join Our Events to...

Have a
Good time
Get fit
Try out new
Make new
Meet new
Learn about
what your
Body needs

We hope to meet you soon!
Your HealthyHER Team

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