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"Beat the Bloat" Workshop and Healthy Dinner @ Technogym (15.11.2018)

Long had we been waiting for this special evening. Last Thurday we finally welcomed a big group of 27 women to our "Beat the Bloat" Workshop and Healthy Dinner Event with Nutritionist Sandra Mikhail from Nutrition A-Z.

During a one hour workshop and presentation, Sandra spoke to us about:

- Normal bloating vs is there a more serious issue? - Common gas causing foods - The possibility of a food intolerance - The low FODMAP diet - Introduction to Nutrition A-Z's Beat the Bloat program

After the informative part, our ladies indulged in a Vegan Dinner Buffet made by @green_daga (check out her Insta-profile!!) and enjoyed Cocktails and healthy beverages from SuiVie (

It was an absolutely great evening, where our ladies were able to learn about their body, enjoy great food and beverages, but also meet new people and enjoy some quality time. Enjoy the pictures - there is more in our Gallery!

Hope to see you next time :)

Your HealthyHER Family

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