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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Start planning and make changes to your life today!

With the changing role of women in our society, we all hold multiple roles, ranging from being a business woman, a wife, a leader of the household, a mother and so forth. Therefore, we all know that feeling of being stressed out—the feeling that there’s not enough time in the day for what we want to do and achieve. The result is, we often cut out important things, such as time for ourselves and for our well-being.

Motivation and goal setting can help us to form our days in a way to be able to achieve a higher quality of life for ourselves and to improve our satisfaction and happiness.

If we think of motivation, and if we consider that motivation is fuel, then goal setting is guiding that fuel in the given direction. Motivation is needed so you can get off the ground and take action. However, without a goal, there is no need to be motivated. So, motivation is a key ingredient. Getting motivated requires you to understand more about your personal motivation.

  • Why do you want to achieve that specific thing?

  • Do you personally really want it, or do others expect it from you?

Answering these two questions will help you make a step in the right direction and get a better understanding of how important motivation is for you. Again, results are born out of motivation. You must know why you want something and how badly you want it, so you can achieve it.

So, let’s start today and make space for you and your well-being:

  • List at least 3 goals that you want to achieve in the upcoming 90 days.

  • Add the actions that are needed to complete this goal on your list.

  • Write why you want to achieve this specific goal.

  • Sum up how achieving this goal will make you feel.

  • Set yourself a weekly reminder to see where you stand.

  • Set a final reminder after 90 days and celebrate achieving your goals!

  • Write down the next goals and information, as listed above, and continue your way to your personal achievements and well-being!

Example of ideas for actual goals:

Workout at least twice per week / meet my friends at least once per week / go for walks / make time for cooking a nice dinner / spend more time with my partner, etc.

We wish you all the best in taking action and making a step towards achieving your goals and dreams!

Your HealthyHER Team

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