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We are "Dedicated to Your Health and Happiness - but what does that mean?

We get asked quite often about the meaning of our company name HealthyHER Community and Events.

As the name suggests, we are a community for women (HER) and organize events to connect our female members. We do that based on common interests and therefore organize events that combine elements of physical activities and nutritional education.

But what lies behind the term "healthy"? In our view, being healthy does not only relate to physical health and the absence of diseases, but also to complete mental and social well-being. It refers to a state in which one is living a full life in a good environment, having good relationships and much more.

HealthyHER's mission is to offer a platform to women to learn about their body through health workshops and nutrition seminars, and add to their health by offering a wide range of physical activities. However, more importantly HealthyHER's goal is to connect women in Zurich and foster friendships, because we strongly believe that the environment we live in matters and has a major impact on our overall health!

Whether you're a local or an expat - let us connect YOU with other like-minded women and get together to do something for our well-being. Join us today!

Your HealthyHER Team

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