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Top Restaurants in Zurich with Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Ever imagined how sweet and pleasant a plant based dinner table could be in a city that does not only pride itself as the abode of the oldest vegan restaurant in the world, but also boasts of a great and an appealing restaurant scene with vegan options? Let us show you 10 places in Zurich that are definitely worth trying - whether you are vegan or not!

Hiltl Restaurant

Hiltl Restaurant is the first and leading Vegetarian Restaurant in the world. You will also find a variety of plant-based and vegan options there. In the new Haus Hiltl any guest can find just the right thing at an affordable price and can take their time eating. This includes everything from a quick vegetarian or vegan snack on the traditional Hiltl buffet to culinary highlights in a sophisticated atmosphere.

In addition to the Haus Hiltl restaurant there are takeaways in Jelmoli and Pflanzbar, the two summer restaurants on Lake Zurich and with Hiltl Catering, guests at large events can enjoy Hiltl delicacies. In the Hiltl shop just around the corner from Haus Hiltl, the first vegi-butcher of Switzerland offers vegetarian and vegan delicacies to take home.

Roots and Friends

One of the most classic places in Zurich, Roots and Friends restaurant, is a completely vegan restaurant serving up an array of nourishing smoothies, budda bowls and dreamy acai bowls. They have several locations around Zurich, including one at Balbao Gym where they host an epic weekend brunch featuring the fluffiest blueberry banana pancakes, avocado toast, Marroccan tofu scrambles and much more. The concept is young, creative and wild just like the founders of this popular place. The dishes are excellent and well-seasoned.

Marktküche Restaurant

Marktküche Restaurant is considered by many people to be one of the best places to eat appetizing vegan dishes. It’s a fine-dining gourmet vegan restaurant. They offer innovative dishes with exquisite plating which are more akin to edible works of art. If you are celebrating a special occasion, their five-course tasting menu is the perfect treat with elegant sounding dishes. They uses first-class, regional, plant based ingredients. It is definitely one to impress!

Vegelateria the Sacred

When looking for qualities such as organic, vegan and healthy in a restaurant, Vegelateria the Sacred should be your go-to place. This is the place to be for a solely organic and vegan food. How does a cool and nice buffet at reasonable prices sounds to that rumbling tummy of yours? Or the thoughts of you getting to experience different self-made gelatos and tasty vegan desserts all without sugar?


Miyuko is a Japanese manga style café and tearoom run by Sara Hochuli, a cake making master. Miyuko offers good variety of vegan colours and delicious dishes as well as cakes and cubes! They have Brunch, Afternoon Tea, etc. as well a normal menu e.g. to simply enjoy a drink and/or a sandwich. With the friendly services in Miyuko, it is without doubt a nice little place to stay for hours. Staying there is like to be in a mix between Japan, France or just like “Alice in Wonderland”. Reservations are highly recommended (especially for Brunch).

Wonder Waffel

Wonder Waffel Restaurant is a friendly and lively cafe that makes fresh and delicious waffles and is brand new to Zurich. You’re opportunity to choose your own sauces, fillings and toppings to create a unique waffle - wonderful on a cold winter afternoon! They even personalize it with your name written in sauce. The concept of the restaurant is really good because you have a lot of available options to make your waffle as tasty as possible and their vegan options are insane. It's a good price-quality ratio and trust me you will not be hungry after that.

Mesob Restaurant

Now, let’s talk about the Ethiopian vegan platter that comes with dishes assorted with super spicy lentils and the famous injera pancakes. And in case you have not tried injera before, it is made from fermented teff flour and is one of the most nutritious grains in the world. If you in the mood to trying something different, with an east african twist, Mesob restaurant is the place. To get the full Ethiopian dining experience, we highly recommend to leave the utensils out and eat with your hands like it’s custom. Come on, you really need to try this out and don’t forget, it’s gluten free!


Neni is family-run, Eastern Mediterranean cuisine restaurant. It’s not purely vegan but they offer plant-based meals as their core menu. Dishes are simply presented in a pot or on a piece of parchment as an invitation for everyone to dig in. After all, sharing pleasurable moments is what NENI is about.

Bad Hunter at Jelmoli

Everything in Bad Hunter is vegetarian with lots of vegan options for you to choose from. Located inside the Jelmoli food court here in Zurich, Bad Hunter is the place to be as you get to savour their vegan cheese, wrapped up in quinoa and avocado with little or no salt. I guess that sounds yummy, right? Besides, if you are a student, you get to enjoy a special deal. So why worry about breaking the bank?

Bona Dea

A vegan and vegetarian restaurant that sits right in the ambit of comfort. All you need to get into this vegan and top notch restaurant is to get off the train at the Zurich station and enjoy the wonderful cuisine of vegan meals that are simply fantastic.

Beyond every shadow of doubt, Zurich is a hotbed for vegan cuisine and you should definitely try and find the time to visit at least one of the top ten restaurants here and get yourself a sumptuous vegan meal.

So what are you going to try first? Let us know :)

Your HealthyHER Team

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